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Teeth Care in Terre Haute, IN

Get all your tooth-care info from us

We may handle your fluoride treatments and cleaning, but there are plenty of things you can do each day that are both quick and easy, and will ensure that you aren't bothered by cavities, tooth aches and other maladies of the mouth that would prove costly down the road.
Brush at least twice a day
Floss at least once a day
Schedule your checkups twice a year

Learn the things you didn't know

Did you know that children should start seeing the dentist as soon as they get their teeth? How about that certain medications can cause enamel erosion? We are happy to give you information on anything, from the right toothpaste for sensitive teeth, foods to avoid and supplements to take, to proper oral hygiene and brushing habits. Check out our Facebook page regularly for additional ongoing preventative tips.
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